[ic] read only tables problem, where is this set??

Pugdog pugdog@ibm.net
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 00:42:23 -0500


I'm not an idiot.  The editor is there to allow editing of that table, then 
the changes
are APPLIED when the server is restarted.

If this table cannot be edited, then why is there an option to edit it?

Also, if this table cannot be edited when the server is running, why can 
you edit
the file in a text editor, apply the changes, and continue.

If this _WAS_ documented I would not have asked.

At 04:15 PM 11/10/00, you wrote:
>Quoting PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. (pugdog@ibm.net):
> >
> >
> > I'm really getting frustrated over this, since it seems to be more wide 
> spread.
> >
> > All the InMemory tables seem to be read only, and I can't
> > edit/update/change them through the editor.  I'm getting "read only" 
> errors
> > trying to log on, even:
>Of course they are read-only -- they are in memory. This is documented.
>You need GDBM or DB_File in your Perl, or some SQL database.
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