[ic] link/inetmode and server/control/ tried 2000 different ports all fail

John Walsh jwalsh@diabetesnet.com
Sun, 01 Oct 2000 22:34:52 -0700


I'm also running into this problem except only the link/inetmode portion. 
Per your suggestion, how does one choose to "run in VLINK (or TLINK)" mode, 
or, if necessary, to "use tlink.pl"? I didn't see this choice during 
install and am unsure which file might allow making a choice.

I saw vlink was picked up from an earlier program, but do vlink and tlink 
allow different methods of cgi communication with tlink as tcp/ip?


Eh, danks for da fix on dat minivend.cfg.dist.bak problem!

At 10:10 AM 09/30/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Quoting Boyd Lynn Gerber (gerberb@zenez.com):
> > To whom it may concern:
> >
> > I modified test.pl to print the portnumber and success or failure.  I then
> > ran a script that went through 2000 different Port numbers Modifing the
> > MINIVEND_PORT.  The script all passes for the first four and all failures
> > for the last two.  I started at Port 8000.  I have this problem on both
> > SCO OS's(OpenServer 5.0.5 and UnixWare 7.1.1).  I am not sure what to try
> > next.
>How about running in VLINK mode? 8-) Apparently INET-domain sockets don't
>work for Perl on SCO. I believe that you would have trouble getting anything
>using Socket.pm to work.
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