[ic] Broken Image

Mathew Jones matjones@booksellersolutions.com
Wed, 04 Oct 2000 14:08:12 -0700


I posted this to the list a while ago but got no response.
When I import new records into my database using the UI, it has a
strange effect on the image column in my database. AFter importing I go
to my  catalog and search for the product i just entered. It pulls up
all the information, but also shows a broken image, even though there is
no imagename in the image field.
If i go view that item using the UI there is nothing in the image field.
When I click on ok, and go back to my store. The broken image
disappears. Now this isnt too troublesome for 1 broken image but when I
do imports of hundreds of items this becomes a problem. I did find that
I could also get rid of these broken images by using a mysql interface
and issuing the command
UPDATE products SET image="" WHERE image =""
It really makes no sense that on import something gets hidden in that
last image field. Could it be the way my products.mysql is set.
Has anyone experienced this problem?? Could someone help. If you need
access to my store to see what i'm talking about please let me know.