[ic] cannot choose new made category from edit item select box

John Nealy jnealy@symetrek.com
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 06:25:48 -0400

Did you actually create the category?  I had this problem as well.  There is
a post on adding new categories via the item editor.  Once you have the
category created, you need to set up your area to do a simple search in that
category (category=cat_name).  Hope this helps.


friso westra wrote:

> Hello,
> If I add a new category using "site layout" this category does not show up
> when I want to add a new product to this category. The only category that
> shows up are the ones in the demo-shop (thus allready installed).
> I'm using version Interchange 4.5.7 beta
> Can anyone please help?
> Thanks.
> Akopia! you did a fine job! Keep up the good work.
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