[ic] Pricing based on adjustment

Reid Ivens reid@n-visionit.com
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Thanks Jeff,

The pricing table, does that already exist, or do I need to create that
myself?  (I notice there's one already, but is that the one you're talking

To add some complexity, the attributes used aren't as standard as Small,
Medium, and Large.  I'm using those attributes to differentiate different
items in a picture of multiple items and they can be different for different
"items".  (i.e. Both of these items use the size field, but they aren't
alike at all:

The only way around that that I can see is to create a table with fields
A,B,C,... and associate sizes and differing items to those letters instead
of using S, M, L, or their SKU. (Like this one:
Does that make sense?  Are there any other options?


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I only know how to do things one way... after I've figured it out, I stop
hacking.  So, this is how I did it.

You want to sell a tshirt (sku = tshirt) at $29.95 for Small, $30.95 in
Medium and $32.95 in Large.

1)  Set CommonAdjust to attribute (ie. size) in catalog.cfg like so:

CommonAdjust   products:price, ==size:pricing

2)  Add the t-shirt to your products table.

    sku          price        size
    tshirt       29.95        S=S,M=M,L=L

3)  Set up you pricing table.

Aside from the sku (PRIMARY KEY), you will need a field for EVERY possible
attribute that can affect price.  In this case, you will need a field named
"S", one named "M" and one named "L".

    sku      S       M        L
    tshirt           +1.00    +3.00

4) Once you export your tables, the price differences will be reflected in
the basket.

Note: I use

S=S - $29.95,M=M - $30.95,L=L - $32.95

in my size field of the products table to let the visitor know how much they
are expected to pay.

Hope it helps,

- Jeff

>From: "Reid Ivens" <reid@n-visionit.com>
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>To: <interchange-users@minivend.com>
>Subject: [ic] Pricing based on adjustment
>Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 18:11:31 -0400
>Hi everyone,
>I'm hoping someone can clarify how to adjust pricing based on the
>of the item (size, colour, etc.) for me.  I've checked the mailing list
>archive and developer.akopia.com, but it's still pretty unclear.
>From what I've read, I get the impression that I can put a CommonAdjust
>string in the "pricing" field in the Item View.  Is that right?  If so,
>would it be in this format: "==+1.00:products:size:value"?
>Thanks for any help you can provide,

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