[ic] Variable __Company__???? Secure Login????

Beriah Dutcher beriah@webuildpcs.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 10:33:57 -0500

Ok now that I have bugs out of the way I would like to ask a question or
two. Last night was a HUGE success for me. I got interchange working
beautifully on my server and we are getting lots of orders(with only a half
done web). I had a few questions though first off, in a cell near the top of
every page you have the "Welcome to Construct Something, your online
hardware store!" (and it says the username if you are logged in) I want to
know where that variable is to change it to say my company name. When i made
the catalog I inputed the company name during setup and I also looked
through the catalog.cfg and saw the commented out variable Company. Well I
uncommented it and set it to webuildpcs.com and it still says 'Construct
Something' HOW DO I CHANGE THAT??? I couldnt find it anywhere in the admin
section and where I thought that I did find it in
Administration->Prefrences->Company links, it didnt work when I changed it
there either. HELP???

	Also, I got my server working with my secure server nicely, only one
problem. If the user checks the little box 'Log me in automatically', and
then clicks the 'Log In' button. It will log them in fine, but it takes them
into the secure server.(Thats not realyl a problem, just not really that
desirable) The problem is when they come back and the cookie is checked and
logs them in automatically it DOES NOT log them into the secure server. It
would be nice if it did it the same no matter what you picked. Perferrably
NOT logging you into the secure server until checkout is clicked.