[ic] Variable __Company__???? Secure Login????

Jason Korkin jkorkin@korksoft.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 11:15:33 -0400

 try products/variables.txt ... then rebuild the gdbm.

    Jason Korkin.

Beriah Dutcher wrote:

> Ok now that I have bugs out of the way I would like to ask a question or
> two. Last night was a HUGE success for me. I got interchange working
> beautifully on my server and we are getting lots of orders(with only a half
> done web). I had a few questions though first off, in a cell near the top of
> every page you have the "Welcome to Construct Something, your online
> hardware store!" (and it says the username if you are logged in) I want to
> know where that variable is to change it to say my company name. When i made
> the catalog I inputed the company name during setup and I also looked
> through the catalog.cfg and saw the commented out variable Company. Well I
> uncommented it and set it to webuildpcs.com and it still says 'Construct
> Something' HOW DO I CHANGE THAT??? I couldnt find it anywhere in the admin
> section and where I thought that I did find it in
> Administration->Prefrences->Company links, it didnt work when I changed it
> there either. HELP???
>         Also, I got my server working with my secure server nicely, only one
> problem. If the user checks the little box 'Log me in automatically', and
> then clicks the 'Log In' button. It will log them in fine, but it takes them
> into the secure server.(Thats not realyl a problem, just not really that
> desirable) The problem is when they come back and the cookie is checked and
> logs them in automatically it DOES NOT log them into the secure server. It
> would be nice if it did it the same no matter what you picked. Perferrably
> NOT logging you into the secure server until checkout is clicked.
> Beriah
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