[ic] Multilingual catalog?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 12:19:40 -0400

Quoting Marco Prandini (mprandini@deis.unibo.it):
> Hello,
> I'm a newbie and I've spent the last few hours evaluating
> Interchange, which seems a wonderful product indeed.
> However, neither in the site documentation nor in the
> mailing list archives, I've been able to find a reply 
> to this question:
> Is it possible to build a truly multilingual e-commerce
> site, by storing multiple-language product descriptions
> and templates to be displayed according to the user
> preference?
> I understand that locale (currency & date) settings are
> easily customizable, but I couldn't figure how to store
> a description in each language for a given product, 
> without replicating it (thus needing to syncronize price,
> availability etc.)

Yes, it is.

  * You can change the source page directory for each locale, falling
    back to a common set when not found for that language:

	TemplateDir common_pages
	Locale      it_IT  PageDir  it_pages

  * you can change the description field each locale:

	Locale it_IT DescriptionField  it_pages

  * you can change the price source field each locale:

	Locale it_IT PriceField  prezzo

  * you can do percentage adjustments in price:

	Locale en_US PriceDivide 2200

  * You can display arbitrary pieces of text in different
    locales, from a stored database:

	Locale it_IT "text to display" "testo da visualizzare"
	Locale fr_FR "text to display" "texte  afficher"
	Locale fr_FR "text to display" "anzuzeigender Text"

	[L]text to display[/L]

    This can be maintained in a database table.

  * You can display arbitrary pieces of text in different
    locales, stored in the page:

	[LC] text to display
	[it_IT] testo da visualizzare [/it_IT]
	[fr_FR] texte  afficher [/fr_FR]
	[de_DE] anzuzeigender Text [/fr_FR]

There is much more. The complete list is in the documentation.

We will eventually internationalize the admin interface to some extent,
when it stabilizes enough to make translation worthwhile.

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