[ic] 1: Limit subroutine creation, 2: Own payment method

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 21:01:59 +0200

Michael Raps wrote:
> Hi Joachim!
> Thank you for your info. Inserting the [scratch dummyerror] shows
> me that there is a problem in the credit card handling. I tried
> to set up an own payment method and it seems that I forgot to
> delete part of the original coding. Well, in the first posting, I
> asked about setting up an own payment method. Unfortunately I
> didn't spell it correct.... I wanted to write "Nachnahme" as an
> own payment method. Nothing to do with the "last name".....
> Can anyone give me a tip, how to setup an own payment method?
> Bye,
> Michael

Hi Michael,

it is not easy to give you a right help, because you didn't post
the error message. Regarding the "own payment method", I understand
this as you try to use another payment method like "CyberCash" or so.

But it seems to me, you want that Interchange has to show a text
"Nachname" instead of "Last name". Right? How did you try to get


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