[ic] Spreadsheet-advice (OFF-TOPIC)

Strider Centaur strider@scifi-fantasy.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 12:40:27 -0400

    StarOffice and Gnome and KDE all have spread sheets that should be
able to output comma-quoate delimited tables for import into
Interchange.  StarOffice 6.0 has just been released by sun the past
friday and I highly recommend it.

draftd wrote:

> Short question:I need some spreadsheet program compatible with
> interchange to edit the products.txt file. Micro$oft excell works, but
> it's quiet anoying to swich between 2 operating systems on my home
> computer. (Redhat 7.0). I can't get any of Gnumeric's data formats
> compatible with IC. Thanks

Strider Centaur

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