[ic] Credit card encryption error

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 10:02:22 -0400

Quoting Dave Barr (dave.barr@cricinfo.com):
> >The error your getting is probably generated by Vend:encrypt_cc line 348.
> >Are you getting an actuall error with that error message?  Unless you
> >define your own tempfile, the encryption code that runs is in lines
> >332-342.  I would make sure I had the correct permissions on the tempfile
> >wich is generated.  You might want to try to comment out the unlink line
> >and see what ends up in the tempfile.  There isn't anything (that I know
> >about) in the catalog pages that would affect this chunk of code.
> >
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> >Akopia
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> >On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Dave Barr wrote:
> >
> >>  >I did not see you mention any encryption software so, do you have PGP or
> >>  >some other encryption software installed and tested? IC does not do any
> >>  >encryption on its own.
> >>
> >>  Hi Rob,
> >>
> >>  I'll answer both your question and Ed Lafrance...
> >>
> >>  I have PGP installed and properly configured... works a charm on the
> >>  default catalogs. I used the Knar editor to configure ENCRYPTOR and
> >>  that works too (on the defaults).
> >>
> >>  I thought there might have been a quick answer as to a hidden form
> >>  variable that I may have deleted in amongst the extraneous code (no
> >>  offence to Akopia!). I'm still going through the code line by line
> >>  but it seems to be somewhere outside of the checkout page (& the
> >  > etc/profiles.order)... this is why I'm scratching my head  ;)
> Hi again Sonny,
> Thanks for that... it helped me to do a quick sanity check as I 
> wanted to ensure what was being parsed and again to ensure that I had 
> passed all the relevant data. It appears I am.
> The only error (bar the one generated by [error std_label="Credit 
> card information" name=mv_credit_card_valid] - "Credit card 
> encryption failed") is in the Interchange error.log;
> tWJiVrSt: - [16/October/2000:15:23:11 
> +0100] cishop /exec/cishop/process.html Encryption error:
> Which isn't all that helpful   ;)
> I'll keep working away until I get it fixed, thanks again for your help!
> Dave

Try adding a debug line to your encryptor:

	gpg --always-trust --batch -fa -r you@yours.com 2>/tmp/debug_gpg

The problem should be logged there. If you run the program as shown from
the command line as *the user ID which runs Interchange* you should also
see the problem.

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