[ic] Using a Separate Credit Card Processor

Tom Compton comptont@concentric.net
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:29:15 -0400

I want to process orders using my credit card processor, Innuity Inc.
Innuity asks the client for the credit card number and returns a
success or failure code and a link back to a success or failure URL.

I saw itransact code and a reference to signio. Apparently these are
among several alternatives for doing similar links.  I think I
understand how these scripts work.  However, I can't figure out where
the processing of the scripts takes place.

It seems to me that the process.html page collects the data parameters
and uses
<FORM ACTION="[process secure=1]" METHOD=POST>
to process them.  It would seem that this is where itransact or signio
would be called.  I looked at the documentation for the process tag,
but did not get any hints.

I am using interchange-4.5.7-1.rh6.i386.rpm.

Any hints anyone can give would be appreciated.

Tom Compton