[ic] JOB: Need consultant to help develop simple but custom project ASAP

Michael Todd Glazier michaeltodd@galli-glazier.com
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:31:28 -0500

My company, Galli Glazier Group (http://galli-glazier.com/) needs a 
consultant to help configure IC for a smaller sized project.

The project is an extranet for use between one of our clients and 
their client. We need to build a catalog of graphic inventory 
(banners, signs, etc) and allow people visiting the site to pick out 
graphics and submit their order. We need to by-pass any payment 
scheme, and include several custom fields in the catalog database and 
the order form.

You'd be working with me under RedHat Linux 7.0 to build the IC 
portion of the site.

If you're interested and available immediately, please contact me ASAP at:

Michael Todd Glazier
Galli Glazier Group, Inc.
708 445 7100
cell 312 969 0059


- mt