[ic] UserTags

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.net
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 08:36:10 +0100

>I would like to ask, where are the user tag var located?
>I want to change the [title-bar] because i dont like the background colour
>.. where can i change that?

try /usr/local/interchange/usertag

if you look at the start of the file, it appears that you can overwrite the
tag with a variable (using the Knar editor for example)

the other way would just be to redefine the tag within your catalogue.cfg.

(incidentally, the colour is defined by HEADERBG which is used throughout
the template - you could just alter that.)

((also, beware - the title-bar tag is used in the UI - but not much)

(((one more thing... probably better to use adjust the HEADERBG as some
pages use a combination of title-bar and coloured table cells - eg the
checkout page.)))