[mv] (forw) Re: [ic] Interchange + PostgreSQL results in error 505's (premature end of script headers)

Dan Browning danb@cyclonecomputers.com
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 20:40:06 -0700

How do you remove all NOT NULL's from the database (PGsql)?  I'm trying to
fix the "Sorry, there was an error in processing this form action. Please
report the error or try again later. (ERROR: Unterminated quoted string )".


Dan Browning
Network & Database Administrator
Cyclone Computer Systems

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> >I removed all NOT NULL except password, tried Interchange,
> and it failed.
> >When I removed that last one, it worked.
> A mystery, sho 'nuff.  Of course when it worked for me I was
> using psql, not
> the Perl interface to Postgres, so maybe there's a clue there.
> >UserDB does record-checking independently, therefore there
> should be no
> >need for NOT NULL settings in the database. I understand the
> use of NOT
> >for referential integrity purposes, but in a database-independent
> >environment like Interchange it is difficult to deal with. This type
> >of checking is really designed for data-specific programming.
> >
> >If someone can come up with a good reason why I should not specify no
> >NOT NULL in Interchange tables, I will certainly listen. But I cannot
> >see why we should have to worry about it.
> Yeah, sounds like you have the bases pretty well covered.
> Although useful
> as a "safety net" (especially in an uncontrolled
> environment), table- and
> field-level constraints such as NOT NULL can be a bother,
> particularly if
> they cause confusing error messages that can't be trapped.
>            -- Warren
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