[ic] Strange error with Cybercash and MV4.04a

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 17:16:27 -0400

I have successfully integrated CyberCash a number of times with MV3.  This 
is my first CyberCash/MV4 install and I'm having a weird problem.  I may 
also have complicated things by upgrading to the latest version of the MCK 
(mck-  The checkout fails, re-writes the 
checkout screen twice, and I get this message in the error log:

[12/September/2000:16:57:13 -0400] fibero /cgi-bin/fibero/process.html 
Fatal error on charge operation 'mauthonly': open2: 
open(GLOB(0x8cbcccc), >&main::STDERR) failed: Bad file descriptor at 
/home/mv404/lib/CCMckDirectLib3_2.pm line 403

I know the CyberCash account is working, I processed some auths manually 
thru the MCK-demos.  MiniVend finds the CyberCash libs when it restarts, so 
I'm fairly sure that's not the problem.  Any idea what I've done wrong?

Eric Paul
SpellBook Systems