[ic] Static Pages on a Cluster

Jimmy Eaton jeaton@silverclicks.net
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 08:52:24 -0500

I had static pages working perfectly under Minivend 3.14 but gave up after
Minivend 4.00.  Is it working now under Interchange? If so, is there a short
explanation of [timed-build].  Will it work under 4.04 or do I need to
upgrade to Interchange. Do I do a build or let [timed_build] do the build?
Is it necessary to have a .static file under pages? Are the static
configuration variables (staticall, staticfly etc) still valid? Can the
StaticDB be shared on a NFS drive?

I am in desperate need of static pages. I have a cluster with 4 pawns, a
director and a mysql database server and would like to set up a separate
page server for static pages and let my pawns in the cluster handle the
dynamic pages.  I am serving close to 2 million dynamic pages a month and
growing fast.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jimmy Eaton
Silverclicks.com, Inc.