[ic] Re: [mv] minivend--interchange documentation

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:55:12 -0400

Quoting Warren Odom (warren-odom@stenocall.com):
> >Please don't take this wrong, because I was equally guilty of doing this
> too, but it
> >seems that about every two months there is a group of new users and the
> list drowns
> >in bitching and complaints about how bad the documentation is as well as
> comments on
> >how the documentation could be and should be better.
> >Perhaps as a disclaimer when joining the list.....  [etc.]
> Your suggestions sound OK, but in this case, Sonny Cook asked for comments
> about the docs, and this person gave them (yeah, somewhat belatedly, but it
> seems to indicate he's been doing research).  I don't see "guilt" here.
> (And, come to think of it, it *is* sometimes hard for the newcomer to
> distinguish between important things and "nice add-ons."  I don't know that
> I've seen anyone explicitly point that out on the list before now.)

WRT docs, there is definite work going on. I wish I could see it myself,
but I am assured it is in progress. 8-)

As for features and add-ons, we have put up a "Feature Wish List" at
the developer site. We will use that as input as we set up the roadmap
for 4.8 and 5.0 (4.6 is relatively set at this point). Things that are
already on that list:

    -- C-based tag parser (speed, fall back to perl-only if no compiler)
    -- C-based server loop (prevent signal problems and core dumps)
    -- Unicode support, at least for admin interface
    -- All error messages and admin interface strings I18N
    -- CVS support for content and config updates
    -- Access control rewrite

You can add yours at:


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