[ic] Interfacing PayBox with ordering system

Mustafa Mahudhawala mustafa@veetvision.com
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:27:08 +0530

Hi pals.
been using interchange v4.4.5 for a couple of weeks.
Its a great system, but i am facing some problems implementing my custom
payment option -- Paybox.
Though I have managed to install it perfectly -
I face certain hinderances in the following areas, I would highly appreciate if
someone could help or guide me in the following areas :
( SSL is implemented using mod_ssl in APACHE for ordering )
1> I have placed a custom radio button in checkout.html with -
[if variable PAYBOX]
	<INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=fax_order VALUE=4 [checked fax_order 4]>
	<I>PayBox Server</I><BR>
	[if value fax_order eq "4"]
	<P><B> PayBox Server Selected </B><P>
PAYBOX is set yo 1 in catalog.cfg

when i select PayBox server ( I get the message PayBox Server Selected ).
it still shouts for the credit card validity.
Could some one explain how the validations & subsequent postings to database 
are done in order from.

Mustafa M.