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Ok, thanks that is very helpful.

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> > Ok now for my dumb questions.....This tells me what to do but not why I
> > doing it. I am trying to get a clarification of the practices
> by
> > this code
> Dumb question, nah, those clarifications are definitely a good thing to
> :)
> > 1) Is there a globalsub/itransact?
> I think John just posted tonight about working on this for the 4.8.x
> of IC with Mike's help.  I'd look for it in a future version.
> > 2) Can one shop use authorize.net and another use signio, while running
> the
> > same instance of Interchange? Or do I need a separate instance of
> > Interchange for every shop with a different approval service? I am
> thinking
> > not because the signio-specific stufff is in catalog.cfg .Am I correct?
> Yes you are correct!  You tell IC which globalsub to use on a catalog
> specific basis so it should not be a problem to use different providers
> each catalog.  This would definitely be helpful for clients that are
> changing e-com apps/providers but would like to keep their existing
> gateway.
> > 3) The Signio module appears to talk to the Signio host directly, does
> this
> > presume that some other Signio software is installed on my server?
> Yes, the signio module calls the PfPro binary which sets up a secure link
> with Signio (now verisign).  These binaries are available for most
> hardware/os'es that IC will run on.  You can download the software once
> setup a *free* test account with Verisign.  After you download the
> untar/unzip it and follow their directions contained in the tgz.  Once you
> have verified that the PfPro binary works using the included test.sh you
> should be ready to integrate with IC.
> This reminds me that I need to rewrite the Verisign how-to (I can't seem
> find my original on the list or in my archives) and also add the
> IC+Verisign+Alpha+Java how-to and PGP how-to.  I'll get around to it since
> we have a break in site developments (a break, no way :)
> Good luck,
> -Ron
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