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Jim Balcom jim@idk-enterprises.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 05:21:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, IC-Admin wrote:

I>>Searching "quantity pricing" in the mail archives result in 183 links
I>>and they are quite good ones. The docs have paragraphs on shipping.

Armed with someones tutorial yesterday on how to use Google with the
mail archives, I will take a look later before I ask more questions
about quantity pricing.
Yes, the docs have quite a bit on shipping, but I am not at that point

I>>Construct demo is a demo, which was added at a much later time as the
I>>original documentation for IC was written. The current documentation are
I>>rephrased documents of the older documentation for MiniVend and split up
I>>into several documents.  Help files for the demos and admin interface
I>>added later by Akopia are somewhat softy texts which didn't say that much,
I>>but they used to look nice and offer a gentle  introduction geared towards
I>>people, who get interested to ask for more services or to start
I>>digging into the internals by themselves. The tutorial is helpful for
I>>beginners to get a feeling for the basic functions and structure of IC. 

Yes, I can understand all of that. As a programmer I can understand the
difficulties in writing decent documentation.
I am not asking for, nor even expecting, complete documentation on
Construct Something. I understand, and realize, that it is a demo
program to be pulled apart.

But, what upsets me is that when I, as well as other people, ask for
help in understanding what piece we have pulled out, we are told to
RTFM for Construct Something - a manual that I have not yet found. 

I found the manual for Interchange, itself. It's a programming manual,
and that has proved helpful in some cases.

I need either a Users Manual for Construct Something, or else a sharing
of experiences with others that have explored Construct Something and
their discoveries. (And, I don't think that a Users Manual exists,
because it is only a Demo)

I>>I think people help each other very much on the list and the help you get
I>>depends on the quality of question you ask. It's kind of sad to see this
I>>tone of frustration on both side of the aisle.

Yes, there is a lot of help being exchanged. I agree.
I don't mind a RTFM comment, as long as it gives some idea of where in
the manual to look.

Thank you for writing.

-= Jim =-

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