[ic] GPG is driving me crazy!!!!

jeff@supertrucksunlimited.com jeff@supertrucksunlimited.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 15:55:58 -0700

The information may be in the e-mail... you're just not seeing it. Trying
looking at the message source of your e-mail - the GPG / PGP encrypt
information sometimes throws the e-mail software off... showing what appears
to be an empty message.

Jeff @ STU / CST

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Subject: [ic] GPG is driving me crazy!!!!

> I can not for the life of me get GPG working. I created keyrings in the
> folder of the user running interchange. In the catalog.cfg file I have
> tried several things, but this is what I have currently:
> /usr/bin/gpg --encrypt --armor orders@icmtec.com
> No matter what I try I get the same thing. NOTHING. The order goes
> through fine, but there is no credit card info when I get it. It is just
> blank.
> I imagine others have had similar problems so I really hope someone can
> help.
> Thanks.
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