[ic] rpm -qlp interchan* output for me

Craig A. Carman webmaster@seeshopgo.com
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 15:56:59 -0500

Nearly a month ago Jon suggested someone do:
rpm -qlp interchange-4.6.4-1.rh7.i386.rpm (edited to be my current version)
so the install locations could become familiar.

I have tried this including tried with shorter interchange* variations
and continue to get the response 'package ... is not installed'.
My request is for someone who can make this command work to output to
file and mail to me at ic@seeshopgo.com.  The command

rpm -qlp interchange-4.6.4-1.rh7.i386.rpm | outputfile
(then mail the file)

Of course, the version # must be appropriate.

Secondarily, and off topic, Why do you suppose I get the 'not installed'
message from rpm -q and rpm -V when interchange is installed and working
well on this box?  Any response to this second question should be sent
directly to me at ic@seeshopgo.com to not clutter the ic list.

I have been watching the list for about two months, reading all the pdf
printouts, and searching the archives trying my best to do proper due
diligence and preparation before sticking my foot in my mouth with
stupid questions on this list but I'm going to send in several in short
order since I need to get fully operational with interchange ASAP.

I am interested in some telephone coaching re: interchange usage.  The $180
per hour RH quoted me is just too much to consider.  If anyone wants to
volunteer or will hire out at a reasonable rate, or is open to hearing a
proposition in trade for some services (or if necessary, cash) please e-mail
Maybe a tourguide when you get to New Orleans next time.

Thanks to all you gurus,
Craig Carman