[ic] Browser Netscape / IE differences

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 18:21:17 -0400

Quoting joachim.richter (joachim.richter@usvideocenter.de):
> Hi there,
> how can I resolve this strange problem. this link works fine with the
> internet explorer 5.5
> with the netscape 4.7 it doesnt
> <a href="scan/fi=test/sf=testfield/se=test item/tf=title/ml=15">[item-field article]</a>
> the problem is the space in the search item : test item

Never generate a link like that, that is how. I won't listen to anyone
tell me "it works". 8-)

> <a href="[area scan
		    se=test item
		]">[item-field article]</a>

For hard-coded links, use the full URL plus a %20 for the space.

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