[ic] HELP! A couple quick questions/problems

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Sat, 07 Apr 2001 19:36:17 -0500

The quick answer is Interchange is designed so that you can do whatever you
require. The question is whether or not you possess the skills to make it just

Q1  It is where shipping will originate from. So if you are planning on
shipping your product from your location then the zip would be yours. If you
are drop shippping it would be the location of the actual supplier of yours.

Q2  www.ups.com

Q3 No idea what you are talking about as I do not use the UI.

Q4 Yes see the docs and mail list archives

Q5  This was possible with the old Minivend and while I personally have not
set up an Interchange site utilizing this I would be reasonably certain it
would not be difficult.


Jason Osborne wrote:

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