[ic] admin ui on demo keeps logging me out

Rage-DCA rage@sohonetworks.cc
Sun, 8 Apr 2001 15:59:50 -0500

I have a question that is sort of related. When I login in one IE windows to
the admin console, it logs me off the customer side. Pain in the but since
I'm trying to test things. Any idea have to give the cookie different IDs or
is that even the problem?


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On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Leon Harris wrote:

LH>>I am having major hassles with interchange, and I cant find any help in
LH>>the documentation or mailing list archives.
LH>>When i go to the admin interface, I get a list of admin tasks/functions.
LH>>When I click on them I am forced to log in again. This means I can do
LH>>nothing with the demo site. I have spent the time RTFMing - I have
LH>>logged over 40 hours so far on getting interchange to this stage,
LH>>reading the faq, the catalog-building tutorial, the configuration manual
LH>>( mostly, tho not all has sunk in) the database manual and the template
LH>>manual. All are bound and sitting on my desk). I have tried various
LH>>tricks such as setting WideOpen Yes and  SessionExpire   10 minutes in
LH>>the hope that I can slacken off access rules until I can get the
LH>>interchange to work.
LH>>I have root access and this is a virtual host, and the perms are set up
LH>>as interch or as nobody:interch in the web-visible directories. There
LH>>are no informative messages in /var/log/interchange.log or in

Will your browser accept cookies?

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