certificates - was re [ic] Quick Question

Leon Harris leon@quoll.com
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 22:59:35 +0800

Hi All.
I am sorry if this stuffs up the threading of this mail list ( I get it
as a digest) , but the prices that Jim Balcom, and others post for
commercial 128 bit certificates seem a little high.
tucows is offering to its domain name resellers a package for 128 bit
certs that costs the resellers aprox $100 USD per year, if they buy in
bulk.  Street price should be ~$130, I'd guess. These  have  Entrust
Technologies as the CA,  and they are accepted by current netscape. I
dont know about ie, but I imagine so in current and future releases, esp
with tucows behind them.

I imagine that in a year, the market for 128bit certs will be like that
for .com domains - this seems to be tucows (laudable) aim.

Anyway, look into tucows before you fork out big money for a Thawte or
verisign. check out http://certs.tucows.com/, and have a chat to your
friendly local tucows reseller.

Cheers, Leon

Disclaimer: we are a tucows reseller, and resell ssl certs. We have only
just set this up and haven't sold any yet, so have no practical
experience. Tucows were very good to us with domain names, and this has
really helped  a little company like ours to compete against larger web
shops.  Our opinion therefore is coloured by our (good) experiences.