[ic] CCVS Future?

Webb, Malcolm malcolmw@upshot.com
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I would prefer that resources were put into supporting Signio/Verisign
within Interchange.

>From what I could glean about CCVS, it seems VERY weak compared to
Signio/Verisign. I've used Signio for almost 3 years now and have had very
few problems.

Just my 2 cents...

Malcolm Webb


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The integration of Interchange and CCVS should be a part of version 4.8 as
planned.  The integration of CCVS and Interchange is not dependent on
assistance from any CCVS engineers, original or otherwise.  The CCVS SDK is
pretty straightforward.  Red Hat continues to support the CCVS product.
There are still several potential scenarios for where CCVS will be heading
in the future, though.

As for the health of Red Hat, the termination of CCVS staff is unrelated to
Red Hat as a whole or to the Interchange product and its future.  Red Hat
and the Interchange project are doing fine.  Red Hat is on the verge of
profitability.  We announced our first break-even quarter last month and
this quarter we are projecting to hit profitability.  And we don't even need
to be profitable yet since we have several hundred million dollars in the
bank.  It's important to be in the black to keep the stock price up, though.

CCVS was a very very small project in the context of the company as a whole,
and I don't think it would be a controversial statement to say that Red Hat
never truly took advantage of the potential that a credit card processing
product like CCVS has in the marketplace.

Whether Red Hat decides to move forward in the same direction (with new
staff) with CCVS, take it in a new direction, or eventually drop support for
it will be an indication of overall strategy and the projected or real
profitability of the product.

If you're a current or potential CCVS user, now's your chance to speak up.
Let me know how you feel about the product and where it should go in the
future.  What are its strengths and weaknesses?  If your comments would be
interesting to Interchange users, post them to the list.  If not, email them
to me directly.

David Adams
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> So, being that RedHat just canned the people that initially designed
> CCVS will this have any impact on its integration with Interchange?
> Also, I hope these people being laid off isn't a sign of RedHat's
> health.

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