[ic] Dreamweaver and interchange

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 14:13:50 -0400

Quoting Brian Kosick (briank@nacs.net):
> Hello all,
> 	While browsing through the archives, I noticed that a while back, there 
> was a thread discussing Interchange extensions for Dreamweaver.  But 
> couldn't find if it had gotten off the ground.  If so, are they available 
> somewhere?  I've noticed that the construct templates have the signature 
> MM_ prefix, and thought I ask, as it would make my job that much easier. ;-)

Nope, nothing done yet. If you aren't monitoring the interchange-cvs
list, you may not know how busy I am. 8-) I have that Mac G4 just sitting
there waiting to do it when/if I ever get time.

> Also, I found a post from Mike, that showed how to do Fedex ground 
> shipping, and mentioned the Business::Fedex perl module.  My question 
> is:  Has someone all ready done a complete Fedex shipping solution 
> (Air/Priority/etc)for Interchange yet?  Thought I ask, before I roll my own.

The new 4.7.x demo has Fedex in it. We will be highlighting the
new catalog "wizard", which will give an alternative to the current
makecat, replacing its endless questions with another set of endless
questions asked in a different way. 8-) One of the sections has to
do with shipping.

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