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On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, joachim.richter wrote:

j>>I have just received two emails from the following person, answering a question I put on the list this morning

Thank you very much for this warning and this excellent explanation.

Norton does not know about this virus yet. But, it was implanted just
as you described it. I removed all of the parts that you listed, but I
couldn't find the registry entry for it.

I have also sent the message to abuse@durocom.com, which is the company
that owns mpinet.net and is the ISP for this person.

Obviously, she is on this mailing list and needs to be removed.!

j>>Return-Path: <3dranger@mpinet.net>
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j>>Received: from computer ([]) by fl-mta02.durocom.com with SMTP id <20010420144137.PERJ1198.fl-mta02@computer> for <joachim.richter@usvideocenter.de>; Fri, 20 Apr 2001 10:41:37 -0400
j>>Message-ID: <00c801c0c9a9$0ffa6ce0$6bda35d8@computer>
j>>From: "Suzanne Thompson" <3dranger@mpinet.net>

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