John King jking@cairns.net.au
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 13:39:16 +1000

Give the poor lady a break!

A very good friend, the owner of a large export company accidentally
sent a similar virus to hundreds of colleges. He obtained it via e-mail
from someone else who probably got it from someone else. he wasn't aware
that his version of Norton Anti Virus was outdated and that was the
reason for the problem. I never got the virus because I don't use
Outlook and never will. I'm amazed that the illiterates in this group
jumped on the poor woman without first e-mailing her about the problem.
Thank god those of you who can spell protected her. Obviously the
ability to spell and the ability to think come hand in hand.

What a load of crap some of you go on with.

Mike, I've tried to remove myself from this group several times with no
success. Can you please do it for me and maybe place an unsubscribe link
on the bottom of all posts?