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Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:48:38 -0400

Let's not be snobby about a mail client...

Granted, the two you mentioned aren't the greatest clients in the world by
any stretch of the imagination...

But putting responsibility on the end user for spreading a virus just
because he or she
uses a mail client you think is a poor choice is like blaming a victim of
robbery for
wearing expensive clothes openly instead of rags to hide his wealth.

BTW, I've seen quite a few virii that affect clients OTHER than those
two.... CCMail8 was known
to have been exploited with one of the same viruses as one affecting
Outlook, for example...

Let's put the blame where is belongs--with the idiot who wrote the virus,
thinking that
he is something special for messing up other people's machines or
interrupting their
day with stupidity.

...and just to let you know...the only reason those clients are exploited so
often...is because they
are free, usually installed by default, and usually have the most users to

Once the virus writers turn their heads the other way and begin to notice
mail clients on
Linux, Unix, and the like they WILL be exploiting those machines too.

There already ARE a few variants that affect Linux. Taking an attitude of
"those MS-Product
users don't know enough to choose a good, secure client" does nothing for
anyone.  Eventually
anyone could be a victim.

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> "Sean Machado" <Greatbeast@mediaone.net> writes:
> > Any one of us could have been the victim sending out this virus to
> > everyone in our mailboxes.
> What you meant to say is "Any one of us running MS-Outlook and
> variants could have been the victim ...".
> MS-Outlook (particularly express) qualifies more as a back-door than
> it does a mail client.  "Friends don't let friends use Outlook or
> Navigator to read email".
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