[ic] Buglet in Access Manager?

Richard Day ricday@telus.net
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 01:37:57 -0700

I've searched the developer files and discussed this with some of the guys 
on the interchange irc board, and it feels like a bug.

I'm running ic 4.6.4, using the Construct demo. Everything has gone 
smoothly, until I tried setting up access permissions -- admin accessed 
with superuser status, then Administration tab, then Access. Create a new 
administrator, then try to restrict that user to opening the Items menu and 
uploading pictures and thumbnails.

No matter what I try, including granting every permission except superuser, 
then login as the new administrator, open the item menu, select an existing 
item and try to upload a file, I get an "Error: Sorry, no permission for 
page files" message.

With a total of about 1,000 product picture files to upload in the near 
term and an ongoing need for regular uploads after that, I would like to 
set up the site so the artists producing the images do that particular 
uploading, after the (text) item files are created. Anyone know how this 
might be done ... I'm tearing (grey) hair out <g>