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why don't you check out these and many more at dynamicdrive.com
there all free, with a manual to install and configure same even have a wizard,
plus you can see them all working examples galore


joe the german

Slide-In Menu Bar I (Mouse controlled) All
A cool menu bar that automatically slides open from the left edge of the screen as the surfer moves the mouse over it. Moving the mouse out will cause it the bar to slide back in. Browsers other than NS 4+ and IE 4+ will simply see nothing.

Slide-In Menu Bar II (Keyboard controlled) All
A keyboard-controlled menu bar that slides open/contracts with the press of a key. "x" is the key that will expand the menu, whereas "z" is the key that contracts it. Browsers other than NS 4+ and IE 4+ will simply see nothing.

Slide-In Menu Bar III (Manually controlled) All
A manually controlled menu bar. Drag the bar to expand or contract it. Browsers other than NS 4+ and IE 4+ will simply see nothing.

Slide-In Menu Bar IV (External menu file) All
This script is exactly identical to the original slide-in menu bar (version 1), except that the menu itself is an external HTML file! This allows you to configure the menu simply by editing the external file, through HTML.

Dynamic-Fx Slide-In Menu All NS6!  
-User Submitted
A multi-featured slide-in menu script that supports some of the most requested features such as frame targeting, static positioning, and header(s) displays. Very cool.

Slide-In Links All
-User Submitted
Tuck away those links and make them visible only when needed with this script! A bar of links is slided out from the left edge of the window when the protruding part is clicked on. Great way to maximize realty space on your site.

Top Navigational Bar All
-User Submitted
This script uses several features of DHTML to create a static, two-level menu bar that continuously hovers on the top of your browser screen...

Top Navigational Bar II All 
-User Submitted
You've searched high and low for a navigational script as seen on the top pages of Microsoft.com. Where else did you expect to find it but on Dynamic Drive? Thanks to Mike Hall for his wonderful, cross browser creation!

Top Navigational Bar III All NS6! 
-User Submitted
Yet another top two-level menu with the number of main menu items hardcoded in (5 items). Each menu in turn supports a maximum of 9 sublinks. If your site design can conform to this script, it will conform to your site nicely.

Static Menu script All
-User Submitted
This is a cross-browser menu that stays static on the left hand corner of your screen, even as the surfer scrolls. The menu is constructed using on ONE large image that's positioned statically, with the links inside being image maps.

Static Menu script II All
-User Submitted
Add an elegant, visible-from-the-start static menu to your site with this script! Both the menu's dimensions and its static location on the page can be easily configured, making it a piece of cake to integrate the menu to conform to your site's layout.

Scrollable menu links All
If you have a lot of menu links and not a lot of space, this is the script to turn to. It compacts any content into a predefined area, with the content accessible via scrolling. Browsers other than IE 4+ or NS 4 will simply see nothing.

Drop down menu generator All 
This is a cross-browser menu script that allows you to pack into it rich HTML links. Use the following wizard to generate and add as many drop down menus to your page as you wish!

Hightlight menu effect IE NS6! 
Add a stylish "highlight" effect to your table menus using this versatile DHTML script. A thin border is applied around the table cell (<td>) in participation as the mouse moves over it, with this effect visible in IE4+ and NS6+

Pop-up 3.0 by Lefteris Haritou All
-User Submitted
This is an ultra cool pop up menu script that supports submenus, and works in BOTH IE 4+ and NS 4+. The script comes with an accompanying Windows program that you can use again and again to painlessly create and customize these pop ups.

Context menu script IE5
With IE 5, for the first time, you can now add a context menu to your webpage. What's a context menu? Well, it's a custom menu that pops up in place of the default context menu when you right click your mouse. We designed this custom context menu to act as a practical URL jumper...check it out!

Context menu script II IE5.5
-User Submitted
This is a IE5.5 specific context menu script that differs from the above in the way the menu is rendered, and also, feature set.

Smart Folding Menu Tree IE
A folding menu tree that contains links and sublinks. Click on the folder icon to expand it. Now with persistance and arbitrary listing of sublists features added! Browsers apart from IE 4.x will see the tree fully expanded.

Contractible Headers IE
A script that makes selected headers in a page contractible. All other browsers, including NS 4.x, will simply see the headers uncontracted (degrades well)

Microsoft Outlook Bar IE
-User Submitted
This is a smashing DHTML navigation bar that resembles the OutLook bar of Internet Explorer. Fittingly enough, it only works in IE 4+ as well!

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