[ic] RPM Install procedure

Curt Hauge chc@mninter.net
Fri, 27 Apr 2001 15:31:40 -0500

IC 4.6.5-1 rpm - Construct - Default DB - Redhat 7.0 - Perl 5.6

Hi list,

This is my first RPM installation (well, second attempt at first install).
What is the best way to install the RPM version? I can't seem to find the
exact steps in the archives or in the docs. I've searched install rpm,
install root, and read the readme.rpm file.

I have root on a fresh server. I plan to install IC 'as root' to the default
directories. This server will host several IC sites which will be in virtual
space (www.client1.com, www.client2.com). Clients will have access to their
space if desired. I installed as default group 'M'. Should I run makecat as
root, 'su interch', or should I 'su client1' to run makecat for each
catalog? I seem to have (had) permission problems after running makecat as
root so I think I also need to understand chown. Thanks for any help.

Curt Hauge