[ic] Sofware Development from Russia ($15-$20 per hour)

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
31 Jan 2001 17:15:39 -0500

"Dan Garwood" <res087jh@verizon.net> writes:

> This list is not for advertising. We would appreciate you not advertising on
> this list. This list is to help communicate problems with Interchange. This
> is clear and blatant spam and should be reported as such.
> Mike please remove this guy from the list please.

I don't know that he is subscribed.  Does the list have a subscription
requirement to post?  That is a questionable policy.  I have
implemented it on one of my other lists.  The results are mixed; zero
spam, but measurable user frustration.

This message has shown up on other mailing lists I belong to as well.
I think this is classic spam in that it is just sent to as many
addresses as possible.  I am quite certain he's not going to see your
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