[ic] Customer Input Variables

Joshua Scott josh@bluebonnet.net
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 12:56:29 -0600

I have been looking on the Akopia site for some info on doing a custom =
input field for a client. My problem was similar to the one that someone =
answered in the newsgroup. The only difference is that we only needed =
the line of text option to come up on selected items. We solved that =
problem, we also added the code that was suggested in the newsgroup. =
This brings me to my problem... It looks great but the information is =
not being saved, not even from page to page. In other words, if the =
client gets to the final check out and has not logged in, if they have =
inputted the custom text, after they log in to complete the sale the =
information is gone also the information is not being passed to the =
receipt or the e-mail even though we have updated those regions.

I hope you all can help.. we are stumped. :-)


Joshua Scott