[ic] Subcategory Help?

Gina K. Anderson gina@sitediva.com
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 13:32:36 -0500

Hi John,

Thanks for helping! Few more questions:

|So after you make any changes or additions to the area
|& cat database you must make sure you have
|exprted the db files.
|click the update button at the bottom of the page
|making sure the auto-export is clicked.

I'm adding categories and subcategories in the "Design" area. I see an "Apply
Changes" at the bottom of each UI page (And I have "Change Area" and "Change
Category"), but I can't find where to check Auto-Export--sorry for all the dumb
questions :/ This is version 4.6.0, don't know if there is a difference between
the newest release and this one?

|The fix for this is as follows:

I tried your instructions, and here I did see the check box for "Auto Export",
so I made sure that was done.

However, I have only one "Food" category that shows up in the Item category drop
down list, it doesn't show "Dog_Food" or "Cat_Food". In the Cat table, the
selectors for these particular categories say:


But they don't show up in the category drop down list in the add item UI, just
as "Food"

So I'm still not sure how to separate the items into their correct categories. I
added a dog food item, and just selected "Food" as the category, hoping it would
lead me to something else, but nothing else happened. I have this on the left
side in the demo store:

Dog Products

Cat products

and if I click on either food, I see:

"Sorry, no matches for Dog_Food" (or "Cat_Food" depends on which "Food" I click

So even though an item *is* in the Food category, it doesn't get displayed in
the demo store.

Any further advice?


|Quoting "Gina K. Anderson" <gina@sitediva.com>:
|> Hi all,
|> Just figuring out Interchange, and have run into a couple of snags with
|> subcategories.
|> First, is it possible to have subcategories with the same name in
|> different main
|> categories? For example:
|> Dog Products
|> 	-Food
|> 	-Cages
|> Cat products
|> 	-Food
|> 	-Cages
|> etc?
|> I tried the category=D_Food, and category=C_Food to try and separate,
|> but the
|> names that display in the "adding items" UI just have two "Food"
|> categories.
|> It's hard to tell which is dog food, and which is cat food ;) I have a
|> client
|> who will be using the store once I figure it out, and she wants the
|> organization
|> this way, she will be adding items herself later, and needs to know
|> which
|> subcategory she is adding to.
|> Secondly, when I do add subcategories, they show up in "construct
|> something"
|> demo store, but they don't show up in the list of subcategories in the
|> "Add
|> Item" UI. I tried applying changes, but it didn't solve anything.
|> Any guidance?
|> Thanks,
|> Gina
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