[ic] Images do not display in SSL mode

frank.maestas@ttseagle.com frank.maestas@ttseagle.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 08:19:01 -0700

Couple of things I discovered about this problem (images not displaying in
ssl mode).  
Netscape displays them just fine, so does Opera. It seems to be an MSIE 5.0
problem (at least for me).

I was poking around the mod_ssl web site (http://www.modssl.org/support)
thinking my Apache and SSL configuration is messed up, and found quite a few
discussions going on about IE 5.0 and SSL problems.

One solution I found there was to turn off SSL v.3 in the IE browser, 
another is upgrading IE 5.0 to IE 5.5-sp1 and the problem seems to go away.
Frank Maestas