[ic] Yet another newbie post (YANP)!

Dick Weisinger dickweisinger@hotmail.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 08:26:26 -0800

I have an ISP who includes Interchange as part of my account,
so I have a copy of the Construct demo pre-installed.  (Version 4.6.0)
I've looked through the documents and read some of the archived postings.
It looks pretty cool and seems to have all the features I want...

OK, I apologize, but now for the many newbie questions:
- The Admin UI.
   + Dumb question...  Does each catalog have it's own Admin UI?
         Can I share the shopping cart across catalogs?
         Can I share configurations or partial configurations between them?
         Very dumb...  Where is the Construct demo so I can install another
            copy?  I downloaded all of Interchange, but I don't see it
            in the files I unzip.  Can I dup my current Construct by just
            duplicating the directory and its files and modifying paths in
            the configuration file.
   + I go to Edit Item.  I click on Add an item.
      I can't enter the SKU name.  It is always something like New001.
      If I try to edit the data for the item, SKU is not available.
      Also, I just entered some junk data for the item.
      Something got screwed up and the Meta data for other items
      would not display correctly until I deleted the new item.
      (I pushed too many buttons...)
   + How can I define Templates in the dropdown of the Edit Page?
   + The Edit Layout under Design, to me, is confusing (sorry)
        Other than the Help text, is there any documentation on this?
        The help says there is a Create SubCategory button,
        but I don't see it.
    +  Any more Admin UI tips?

Many Thanks