[ic] Images do not appear whith SSL.

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:16:05 -0800

> Ron,
> I did the right click in the image and its still not showing up but if
> out the "s" from https all images work but interchange shows a error page.

What I meant for you to do was take the link that the image is trying to
pull, and place it in it's own browser with the https and see if it comes
out.  This was to demonstrate that this is not an IC problem, it's a
symbolic link problem.  Play with your url in a browser (leave IC out of
this for a bit) and see what link you need to put in the browser (with
https) to get it to pull an image up.  Once you have done that you should be
able to change your symbolic links or put a ImageDirSecure that is correct.

> The symbolic link in the /var/lib/interchange/images is linked with
> /usr/lib/stronghold/htdocs/www.portaldavila.com.br/portal1/images that is
> were the images are located.

This one is there to allow uploading of images or sharing of images that are
used across catalogs (can't remember which it is).  This link should not
have to do with your https.  Does the directory for the secure virtual host
match the directory for the non-secure virtual host?  If it does not then
the ImageDirSecure will be needed.

> My catalog.cfg is:
> #Variable    SERVER_NAME     www.portaldavila.com.br
> #Variable    CGI_URL         /cgi-bin/portal1
> Variable    SECURE_SERVER   https://www.portaldavila.com.br
> #Variable    ORDERS_TO       interch
> Variable    IMAGE_DIR       /portal1/images
> #Variable    DOCROOT
> /usr/lib/stronghold/htdocs/www.portaldavila.com.br
> #Variable    SAMPLEHTML
> /usr/lib/stronghold/htdocs/www.portaldavila.com.br/portal1
> #Variable    SAMPLEURL       http://www.portaldavila.com.br/portal1
> and I put the imgdirsecure but nothing happens:
> ## Set the image path for relative images
> ImageDirSecure          https://__SERVER_NAME____IMAGE_DIR__/
> ImageDir                __IMAGE_DIR__/
> ImageDirInternal        http://__SERVER_NAME____IMAGE_DIR__/
> Thank you for your help in advance.
> Marcelo

This looks like a problem with either a symbolic link (which links image
directories across virtual hosts, or a problem with stronghold's config and
how the http and https virtual hosts are setup.  Good luck!