[ic] Search box perversion

Lord Valankar valankar@nmo.net
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 14:23:47 -0500

Hans-Joachim Leidinger wrote:
> Lord Valankar wrote:
> >
> > Ryan Hertz wrote:
> > >
> > > >
> > > >         The error logs are populated with the following lines indicating that
> > > >their is a missing file, namely products.asc A search through the mail
> > > >archive brings up many mentions of a file with this extension, most of
> > > >which seems to indicate that this file is created by the daemon when a
> > > >search by a visitor is performed, but little other information.
> > >
> > > Perhaps yours is named products.txt?  Check your catalog.cfg to see where
> > > it expects your products to be.
> > >
> > > Ryan Hertz                                              tel  800-645-BAIT
> > *SNIP*
> >
> > Hi Ryan,
> >         Yes the catalog is named products.txt, and products come up just fine
> > in the tutorial's index page (which displays all products) The shopping
> > chart works just fine as well; as do the flypages. The only thing that
> > fails is the search box with the error I posted.
> >
> >         From my catalog.cfg =>
> > Database        products        products.txt    TAB
> > ProductFiles    products
> > VendURL http://set.dragons.org/cgi-bin/tutorial
> > SecureURL       http://set.dragons.org/cgu-bin/tutorial
> > MailOrderTo     valankar@set.dragons.org
> > OrderProfile etc/profiles.order
> > Locale em_US currency_symbol $
> >
> > Variable WEBMASTER valankar@set.dragons.org
> > Variable CONTACT brett@mmdmedical.com
> It seems to me, anywhere in your page is searching for any items from
> "products.asc". You can define the search file with "fi" or
> "mv_search_file". Search for "products.asc" in your whole catalog and
> try out to find the error.
> Joachim
> --
Hi Joachim, Ed. (I'll hit you both in one message)

I guess this is part of the whole point. I don't have one, nore do I
define one to be used. The tutorial specifies the catalog.cfg as up
above. The tutorial defines that the search call with fi be as the
following line...

[set testname]su=yes/fi=products/sf=sku/sf=description[/set]

I tried to set it to..

[set testname]su=yes/fi=products.txt/sf=sku/sf=description[/set]

Restarted the Daemon and everything.. no go. (Heck I even rebooted the
box just to be sure) It's acting like interchange is still hard coded to
look for a .asc file as Ed had mentioned in his post earlier. My problem
is I have no idea what's suppost to in the asc file yet. (Still a

Ed also asked if I was using an older catalog.cfg from an earlier
version of Interchange/Minivend. The answer is no. I installed the
latest RPM that was posted sometime this month. I have not run the
Makecat command, instead I am following the Catalog Building Tutorial
which for those who don't know is a new one that walks a newbie through
the manual way of building the needed directories and files to make the
most basic of sites. 

I have tried searching on the sku number in the database and for the
parts of the description field of the products.txt file. No matter what
I put in I simply get a message that interchange couldn't find any match
and the error log has mentions the missing .asc file.

    Valankar (aka Dwagon)

    "Just remember: If life didn't suck we would all fly off the earth."