[ic] best set up with several stores

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 23:56:45 -0500

Quoting Dan B (db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net):
> Yes, you can also easily run multiple interchange deamons per box.  Just 
> install them to different directories (/usr/local/ic-4.6.3, 
> or  /usr/local/ic-CVS-$DATE is how I do it).  It doesn't hurt for them to 
> share a common catalog directory (such as /var/ic), but you probably don't 
> want two daemons accessing the same catalog at the same time :-)

Actually, that is not a problem. It isn't really any different than
different users hitting the same catalog with browser clicks on the
same daemon with forked children. We are very fussy about locking files,
which accounts for Interchange's good reputation for robustness. 8-)

In fact, I recommend this. Make one daemon with the UI for your admin,
protecting it with HTTP basic auth and/or allow-deny IP/host statements
in the web server, and disable the UI in the production version that
customers use. This is much more secure as all of the GlobalSub and
UserTags that modify files are out of play.

(You might have to include some of the UI usertags from lib/UI/usertag
if you employed them in the catalog -- the only one I can think of that
we use in the demo is [button ...] and maybe [table-editor ...] in the
DEV_4_7_0 branch.)

I will try and include instructions and a little batch file to do
that in the next release.

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