[ic] delete customer order

Jerry Davis akopia@wireless-2000.com
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 21:00:47 -0800

Interchange -4.6.1
Using Interchange UI
I have made myself as a test customer. I ordered 27 items. I go to the
customers page in admin and try and delete all the orders. The program asks
to confirm , and I do , but the orders are still there and also in the
/orders dir. AM I doing something incorrect? Also the /tmp dir is getting
very large. I do not want to delete anything out of using 'UI' as I do not
completely know the program yet (maybe .0000001%)
Thanks for any help. IF not  I will keep looking in the docs. (by the way
the docs help once you stare working with the program)

Jerry Davis
Transworld Network Inc

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