[ic] Can't see second product database in UI parts

ACC&S cpi@accxs.net
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 10:17:23 +0100

Sorry for my bad english...
I'm new user of Interchange...

I'm using Int 4.6 and mysql.
I need a second database ("photo.txt"). In catalog.cfg, i add : ProductFiles
products, photo
1. I can see and research my products in this file on my site --> that is
2. I can see my products on the page : item list (products come from
products.txt and photo.txt)
3. BUT : I can't see in details a product come from "photo.txt" in page :
item_edit.html (mv_data_table is always products and no photo)

How do that ? thanks. french is welcome*... ;o)

* : or if you have an example or simple solution, my english is very bad...