[ic] 2nd Product Table? (Or Not)

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.com
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 16:33:14 -0000

> Put it all in one catalog (and even one product table).  You can
> specify different flypages for different items and different results
> pages for specific scans.  Doing this probably means changing the
> bar_link subroutine so that the links built for the leftside include
> the 'sp' (or mv_search_page).  There might be some way to do this with
> the UI and not have to modify bar_link.  However, as discussed in
> another thread I don't really know all the stuff that can be put in
> the 'cat' table for various link types.

this can be done by using the 'complex' link type where you can include a

The only problem you will have with using one table is that a general
search, say where you ask the user for keywords, may turn up a mixture of
info and sales results.

IMHO I would agree that the single table method is the simplest and I would
go for it, unless your info entries have significantly different fields, or
very large fields which may impact the performance of a sales type search.