[ic] Instalation

Orlando Eloy Gentil gentil@cdludi.com.br
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 07:41:50 -0200

	Hi all,

	Maybe this is a stupid question, but I have not found nothing about
this error.
	First my system
	I running Conectiva Linux 5.1 ( a Red Hat like one) with a fresh
instalation. My http (apache 1.3.12) and SQL (pgsql 6.5.3) server are
running pretty fine. I got perl00503, and the latest modules from CPAN
(all, from required to recomended).
	I instaled the requirements and the tried the ./configure.
	The instalation runs fine, but in the final tests, I got some errors.

>link/inetmode......not ok 5
>server/control.....not ok 6
>6 tests run -- 2/6 failed
>make: ** [test_dynamic] Error 1

	Where I can find out some information about this errors?
	I could use the RPM for RH 5 or 6, but I'm trying to install from the
tarball because I would like to build the RPM to my distribution.