[ic] Quantity pricing and loop tag problem

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:06:38 -0500

Quoting Eric Hull (res059ss@gte.net):
> Here is a problem we are having with quantity pricing:
> in the construct demo, using the quantity.html page as a reference: (
> quantity.html?mv_arg=(our sku) )
> [order code="[loop-code]" quantity="10" base="pricing"][loop-price 10]
>  the problem in this statement is the [loop-price 10]
>  if taken out the price is displayed correctly but the items are not placed
> in the cart
>  if left there the items are placed in the cart but not at the quantity
> price
> and I am following the IC docs too
> it says add the string loop-price N
> and all good - but it doesnt work

This needs to be an FAQ on the construct demo, I guess.

Quantity pricing is not enabled unless you are a dealer.
Try logging in as a dealer and seeing if it works, or
adjusting CommonAdjust in catalog.cfg.

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