[ic] postgres vs mysql

Jeff Dafoe jeff@badtz-maru.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 21:44:04 -0500

> What do you think about running postgress vs mysql and how difficult would
> it be to change from Mysql to postgress.

    The postgres versus mysql used to be very cut and dried.  Mysql was fast
as heck, you would only use postgres if you needed transaction support.
Now, with postgres 7, every indication I have personally seen and every
discussion I have read on the issue indicates that postgres 7 runs circles
around mysql from a speed perspective.  I don't really see mysql going
anywhere at this point, adding in transactional support would be the next
logical step but apparently one the development team is not willing to make
and it would certainly come at a serious performance price.  The only issue
I have ever encountered with postgres is a lack of blob support but that is
not relevant to interchange.