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Excel can only handles 65,000 items (16bit linenumber),
we made our own software using QBasic in 1990 and it is still used today. (terra-item database software)

If you are only doing a few thousand items excel is great, but if you have a bigger DB you need better software.

PS after 50,000 items it is suggested that you break your database into seperate files so you edit them more easily. You can
always combine databases (this is a workaround for excel users, so they can make a DB bigger than 65k items).

win/dos users:
At the DOS prompt: COPY header.txt + db1.txt + db2.txt + db3.txt  products.txt
(combines your header file + 3 databases  into the file products.txt)

>What OS are you using?
>If using windows or mac and you have MS Excel:
>Download the file to your local drive. Open Excel and open it as a tab
>delimited file. And remember to save it as a txt file. then reimport the
>file to IC.
>If using linux you can use gnumeric to edit the files assuming that you
>have the txt plugin installed.
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